Sweetly supporting each other during Hurricane Mathew

giant-chocolate-cookiesCiao to everyone and especially those of us waiting for Hurricane Matthew to roll into the area.

There are times that certainly try us and severe weather conditions are one them. We are currently held up in the house, surrounded by others who needed help, by buckets of water, piles of food and an unusually large supply of homemade cookies. We are hosting Brevard County’s Master Baker, Angela Ferrara of Ferrara Bakery fame. Hey, someone has to make the sacrifice to protect all that sweetness!

Italy has already called this morning to make sure we have enough to eat. As you might imagine, with all of that food, we will be enjoying Italian-style family dining most days. However, we have heard that the electricity is expected to be off for a time and in true Italian spirit, we have made sure we won’t starve. Angela has a small BBQ and we will be sure to strike a match under that when the lights go out!

So to all of you out there held up just as we are, stay safe and it goes without saying, keep an eye on those within our communities who are more at risk than we are right now.

With our warmest and driest regards,

The Pasta Maker, The Pasta Eater, The Master Baker and ….. oh wait a minute. Enzo, where’s The Candlestick Maker??!!


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