Reminiscing Italy and a recipe for eggplant antipasto

It’s time to do a little reminiscing of Italy and a recipe for eggplant antipasto that you have come to know and love.

It seems to always be summertime here in Florida but there is a distinction between weather patterns if not seasons, that looks something like this: hot, very hot, humid and hot, windy, rainy and my personal favourite, cool.

At the moment it is hot, rainy and occasionally windy. Apparently, these are perfect climatic conditions to raise eggplant because they are bursting forth all over the place.

Eggplant, also known as ‘aubergine’ where I come from in England, are the quintessential Italian vegetable and the Italians really do know what to do with them.  My personal favourite (and it appears to be yours too) is grilled eggplant under oil.

Eggplant Antipasto

Eggplant Antipasto

recipe for eggplant

If you have the BBQ up and running, slice some eggplant and toss them on the grill before lightly salting them, squirting lemon juice at them, adding garlic, fresh parsley and olive oil to create a heavenly antipasto.

On the island of ponza, italy

The photograph up there is of grilled eggplant antipasto that we enjoyed on the tiny Italian island of Ponza. We ran a bed and breakfast from spring through to early autumn there and this was one of our go-to recipes.

Boat trip around Ponza

Boat trip around Ponza

It was an amazing experience to be on the island of Ponza and we met a lot of people who ventured out from all corners of the world just to be there.  Ponza is a relatively unknown Italian treasure that the Italians have managed to keep to themselves for many years. As a result, Ponza is somewhere you can experience the real Italian life-style, just as we did.

Another stunning sunset

Another stunning sunset

Ahhhh …. another wonderful memory of Italy triggered by a plate of food.

Could someone pass me a slice of bread?

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