Our gnocchi is so popular that we make rather a lot of it and The Pasta Maker is still not tempted to mechanise the whole process.

There is nothing more satisfying that dealing with a bit of dough in the kitchen. Best of all, if you have kids to keep occupied, put them to work and bless them with a skill. Plus it needs to be said that when children are willing, they have some of their best fun messing around in the kitchen.

The Pasta Maker has been working to develop a recipe that differs from the more traditional Italian gnocchi ever so slightly. This has been done with the soul purpose of being able to show you how to make, not only the best gnocchi ever but also a gnocchi that will be perfect every single time you make it.

Traditional gnocchi is made using only a few simple ingredients at the base of which are potatoes and flour. Egg is sometimes added and I have been told that this is for confidence since traditional potato gnocchi can be intimidating to make. A little salt is added along with some nutmeg which is optional but depending on the sauce you pair it with, nutmeg can make a huge difference to the results of your dish.

There are other forms of gnocchi which don’t include potato at all. These are referred to as ‘gnocchietti’ or ‘gnocchietti sardi’. These are the pasta dough form of gnocchi which are equally as delicious and are served with hearty, robust flavours such as ragu or pesto.

Gnocchi classes

Traditional gnocchi seems to give some of us a really bad time, it either turns out like gluey dough or falls apart in the boiling water. Enough difficulty to discourage anyone. All that hard work gone to waste only for you to walk into a local supermarket for a handy packet variety which is nearly always as sticky as the stuff you could have made yourself!

So, after many attempts at perfecting a consistent gnocchi, The Pasta Maker has done it! Gnocchi has been put on our list of Cooking Classes.

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