Gluten free

Over the years (many of them) we have been working on our gluten free pasta and gnocchi recipes, trying them out on unsuspecting people, with glowing results! However, we are unable to keep up with the BiG Pasta Makers who are constantly coming out with really good quality, dried, gluten free pasta. Because of this, we have chosen to concentrated on our EGGLESS, XANTHAN GUM FREE, gluten free gnocchi. You love it, so we will continue to create it especially for you.

We are not closing the book on making fresh, gluten free pasta. Instead we will continue to find ways to bring you a high quality dried product and currently work with pasta makers in Gragnano, Italy.

VEGAN – gluten free gnocchi

We will continue to welcome your input and have been challenged on occasion, to create all sorts of other gluten free delights. This has been the best part of the journey towards our gluten free pasta creations. We continue to listen to you and have learned a great deal but for now, until we are able to dedicate more time to gluten free pasta, will continue to make you our vegan, gluten free gnocchi.

Spinach, plain and beetroot gluten free gnocchi

We can say without fear of contradiction that it is you that has made our gluten free pasta, gnocchi, breads and biscotti what they are today – addictive! We plan to bring them back on the menu as soon as it is possible to do so.