From Italy

Our products from Italy come from small family run businesses tried recommended by Italians.

olives and oil

Our olive oil and other olive products, are produced from the olives collected from the trees of a small town called Vallecorsa, also referred to as the City of The Oil. You are also invited to help us bring in the olive harvest in November. Through such cultural experience you are helping small communities sustain themselves and are also helping to protect an age old tradition as well as a wealth of skill and knowledge.

If you are unable to visit the olive groves, we offer you an opportunity to Adopt An Olive Tree.


Our cheeses come from small farms also known as ‘Zero Kilometer’ businesses. This means that their products are produced on their farms. You are also very welcome to come with us to Italy and visit with Agricole Nicoli and other ‘caseifici‘ (dairy farms), to see the process, meet the people and sample their wares.

from Italy

We often hear people tell us how much they enjoy visiting Italy because of the food. The reason the food is so good is that Italians extend their hospitality to you through the offerings on the table. They are passionate about their food and where it comes from. We are therefore delighted to bring their hard work and passion to your table.