Cooking Class – learn how to make gluten free gnocchi

Making traditional gnocchi takes time and patience. Making gluten free gnocchi is absolutely no different! However, join our cooking class because there is great news. The time and patience is required only for the shaping.

We will show you that making gluten free gnocchi isn’t as difficult as you might have imagined. We will provide you with all the information required for you to make great gnocchi successfully, every time!

In this hands-on class, you will make 3 different flavoured gnocchi. For example: beetroot, fresh herbs, spinach and garlic, sweet potato, butternut squash or sun dried tomato are just a few you can chose from. Then pair your gnocchi with a delicious sauce or pesto.

Suitable for:

  • Adults, children, the whole family


  • $65.00 per person (minimum required – 6 people)

Class duration:

  • 3 – 4 hours




  • Hand-on class
  • Make 3 different flavours of authentic, fresh Italian, gluten free gnocchi
  • Discover the flour you need to make successful gluten free gnocchi every time
  • Create the best pesto and sauces for your gnocchi dishes
  • Learn about Italian table etiquette
  • Enjoy a deliciously authentic Italian meal prepared using your homemade gnocchi

PROGRAM for how to make gluten free gnocchi

Our classes are designed to be fun. We believe in creating a relaxed and informal atmosphere for you to better learn.

Under the guidance of The Pasta Maker, you will learn how to make gluten free gnocchi from scratch. You will knead, roll, shape and cut your gnocchi just as they do in households all over Italy.

Italians choose to cook using only fresh ingredients. Therefore, any sauces prepared for our gnocchi dishes will be decided upon based on the season.

You will be standing, cooking and working for most of the class so please wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes and have long hair tied back

Menu will include

  • Typical style Italian antipasto
  • 3 pasta dishes


Minimum of 6 adults

  • Should the minimum not be reached for the day you selected, you will be given the choice to pay an additional fee for a private class, change your date to another day, or be fully refunded.


  • Note that because we only use fresh, seasonal ingredients the menu will vary depending on what we find that day! We will send you more details when you book the class. Please do let us know if you have any food allergies or preferences ahead of time because we cannot make too many changes to the itinerary while the class is underway.